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Album Release Concert October 18th: Tickets On Sale Now!



I will be celebrating the release of my new album Dear Bastards on October 18th with a special concert at the Engineered Air Theatre in Calgary.  I will be performing with my trio featuring Aleksandra Danicic (violin) and Spider Bishop (upright bass).

Tickets for this concert are on sale now through the EPCOR CENTRE Box Office:

403-294-9494  or visit

Save the date and get your tickets now!

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New Album Coming October 18th 2014



New Album: Final Recording Starts Next Week



Recently I did a session at The Station Recording Studio in Calgary.  My trio and I cut some demos for an album we are preparing to record.  Our ensemble includes Aleksandra Danicic on violin, Spider Bishop on upright bass and myself on guitar and vocals.  We are developing a dynamic and intimate sound that captures my songs in a pure and powerful way.

Craig Newnes, one of the Station Recording Studio’s co-owners, is producing the album.  His ear, sensitivity and insight are helping immensely to coax strong performances out of Aleksandra, Spider and I.  I’m excited and grateful to be working with him.

We are also benefiting greatly from the skills of Spencer Cheyne who is the other studio co-owner.  He’s manning the soundboard and might help with a bit of percussion.  He’s got a great ear and has a lot of valuable production insight too.  He was thrilled when I suggested the entire album be recorded using ribbon microphones.  These microphones have a unique and beautiful sound, a sort of silk grit they produce that I am in love with.  Apparently Spencer likes the way they sound too, and we’re all set to record our album exclusively with ribbon mics.

All of the songs on the new album are my own compositions and the demos we cut are sounding great.  The sound is warm, clear and cohesive.   There is an exciting energy between the players and to capture this energy in the purest way possible all of our takes are live off the floor.

Final recording sessions for the new album start next Monday, January 27th at the Station Recording Studio.  Set the controls to the heart of the sun!


Happy Holidays


When I was growing up my favorite carol to play during the holidays was “Greensleeves”.

“Greensleeves” is an English folk tune that originated in the 16th century. Christmas and New Year texts were associated with the melody as early as 1686.  One of the most popular and enduring of these Christmas themes is titled “What Child Is This?”.

I’d like to share with you a  performance of “Greensleeves” recorded at my home in Calgary:

Happy holidays and all the best in 2014!

Ethan Collister

New Album Evolving


Last Thursday I did a session at the Station Recording Company’s studio in Calgary.  We recorded some demos for a new album that’s in the works.  I was joined by Spider Bishop on the upright bass and Aleksandra Danicic on the violin.

Both of these outstanding musicians are good friends of mine and the three of us comprise the core group that will play on the new album.  We’ve been rehearsing and playing gigs together to get to know my new songs and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going.  Both Spider and Aleksandra are sensitive and creative players who add tremendous depth to the new collection of material I’ve been developing.

I became aware of the Station Recording Company through my friend Craig Newnes who is a partial owner and principal member of the Station’s team.  Craig is a producer and mixing/mastering engineer.  He studied recording at Selkirk College near Nelson, BC and boasts a wealth of experience as a musician and producer.  He’s also an authentic and generally superb human being, so it was an easy choice to ask him to produce my new album with me.

Craig’s partner at the Station Recording Company is Spencer Cheyne.  Spencer is a producer and recording engineer as well as a professional drummer.  Working with him on Thursday I was struck by his insight and creativity.  He was manning the soundboard when we recorded our demos and will be doing the same when we do our final sessions in January. He’ll also be providing his services as a percussionist on the record.  I’m very excited to have him working with us on this project.

Spider, Aleksandra and I will be working hard over the next couple months to develop the demos that we cut on Thursday. We’ll be back in the studio to do final sessions for the new album during the last week of January.  Stay tuned for more news and updates as my new album moves steadily towards fruition!

Velvet Olive



Icy wind moans, rattles

hard chill windowpane.


Frost sparkles, aches

with cold.


Dull pools of light

stretch through my



Snow swirls like smoke

buries my car in wind polished drifts

stretching out beyond the


I cringe.

It’s not safe to drive today.


I wake and make my morning coffee

outside the snow keeps falling and


Falling and


It’s a goddamn mess.


I call up Penny in Red Deer to

let her know

I won’t be there tonight to play

the Velvet Olive.


She completely understands

and though I offer to find

another band to play tonight

she protests.


She’ll take care of it.


Big heart and a little bar with

arty decor and no T.V.

always there listening to the

bands when they play.


Behind the bar

Syfronia and Pierre

hospitable smiles

welcoming patrons, musicians and



Sorry to miss you guys.

I had to fall back.


New Music Video: Wishing Well



I am pleased to share a video of myself and Aleksandra Danicic (violin) performing my song Wishing Well.  This was recorded at a house concert near Water Valley, AB in September of 2013.



Breakout West: Thanks for a Great Weekend!

Last weekend Breakout West and the Western Canadian Music Awards descended upon Calgary.  Each year this music festival, industry conference and awards gala centers itself on a different city in Western Canada.  I was thrilled this year’s event was held in my hometown!

The conference was fantastic.  There were excellent and informative panel discussions on topics ranging from touring overseas to promoting music with social media.  On top of formal learning opportunities there were plenty of chances to socialize and network.  Not only did I get to see and catch up with lots of old friends from Western Canada’s music biz but I had the opportunity to cultivate new friendships as well.

The Western Canadian Music Awards were also very cool.  I’m excited to report that my album Inner Alchemy was nominated for Album Design of the Year.  My good friend Bryn Thorhaug is the one responsible for the album’s spectacular artwork and he received the nomination.  Even though Inner Alchemy didn’t win it was exciting to be included in the list of nominees!

Perhaps the best part of Breakout West was the sheer volume of incredible music happening all over Calgary.  Some of my friends performed including the T. Buckley and 100 Mile House.  I also saw a band from Winnipeg that I really enjoyed called Mahogany Frog.  Their hypnotizing brand of psychedelic prog-rock had me grooving hard in the basement of the Palomino on Friday night and they took home some hardware as winners of the Instrumental Album of the Year Award.

I have to say my favorite performance of the weekend was from Vancouver’s very own Petunia and the Vipers.  Their self-titled album has been playing relentlessly on my car stereo ever since I saw them play at the Folk Alliance in Toronto last winter.  Let me tell you friends, this band is hot!  Petunia writes songs that are at once modern and deeply rooted.   He captivates a crowd with his powerful energy and his band is made up of some of Canada’s finest players.  Keep your ear to the ground and definitely do not miss a chance to see them play!

Thanks for a memorable weekend, Breakout West.  Looking forward to next year’s party in Winnipeg!

Fall Shows Announced



I’m excited to announce some performance dates in and around Southern Alberta this fall.  I’m working on a new album and have been taking time and space to write  lots of new songs.  The writing has been going well and it’s time to start sharing some new material!

Here are a few upcoming performance dates:

September 21 – House Concert – Water Valley, AB

October 10 – Mikey’s Juke Joint – Calgary, AB

October 19 – Legacy Guitar House – Cochrane, AB

November 2 – Velvet Olive – Red Deer, AB

November 22 – Calgary Drop-In Center – Calgary, AB

Please check the Gigs page of this website for more details and check in again at soon for more news and gig listings.


Ethan Collister

Five Reasons Why Vinyl Is So Damn Cool

Physical album sales have nearly become a thing of the past.  Digital files can be downloaded with the click of a button and have revolutionized the way music fans build their libraries.  With such ease of access why on earth would anyone want to go to a store and pay for a clunky CD that will just get scratched up anyway?

And truth be told, record stores are not selling very many CDs. Some people buy CDs from independent bands they want to support, but not many people I know are perusing the shelves of HMV looking for bands they hear on the radio.   Most of that business is happening online.

Yet, in a music market that exists increasingly in the digital realm, vinyl maintains a strong niche market for collectors and audiophiles who are seeking to engage with music on a heightened and multi-sensory level.

Why are these fans still going out of their way to purchase physical albums on vinyl?

Vinyl offers a sensory experience that is lacking in digital mediums.  Many people still enjoy this sensory experience and are even willing to pay for it.

Here are five sensible reasons why vinyl is so damn cool:

1.  You can feel it.

Recall the weight and worn texture of a faded LP cover slipping off a shelf and into your hands.  It feels special to hold. Now blow off the dust and set the record gently on your turntable.  This physical ritual builds anticipation towards your listening experience.

2. You can see it.

The cover art is big, bold and iconic.  The size of the picture allows you to sink deeper into the images and engage with them.  It’s enormous in scale compared to a CD or digital file and beneath that cover lays the shine and shimmer of a vinyl disc ready to spin hypnotically beneath a needle.

3. You can smell it.

Paper and cardboard sleeves emit a fragrance not unlike the pages of a book.  New vinyl emits a clean and crisp smell that is exciting and fresh.   Old vinyl carries a dusty odor that takes you back through years of enjoyment.

4. You can hear it.

Super visceral sonic energy passes through the air when a record is played on a turntable.  From the first crackle and pop when the needle drops to the soft analog warmth of the playback, no other audio format is as rich with life as a vinyl record.

Vinyl also has the potential to technically sound better than any other form of recording. A vinyl record has a groove carved into it that mirrors the original sound’s waveform. This means that the waveforms from a vinyl recording can be much more accurate than digital mediums and you can hear that in the richness of the sound.

5. You can taste it.

When eating vinyl I prefer to add a flavorful jalapeño hot sauce, but you can season it however you like!

Bonus reason: It’s collectible.

Amongst collectors there is no more authentic form of audio than vinyl.  It’s the one original, timeless and persistent format that never stops being cool.

Why is vinyl is so damn cool to you?  Please comment below!